Best Official England Football Songs

When a new England football song comes out it is clear that a major tournament is coming up soon. The action on the pitch might soon end in heartbreak again but the music provided for the occasion usually helps to make it even more memorable.

There have been several poor songs from England squads over the years but the following are some of the best ones that inspired us to dream of victory for a few weeks and place some bets with ladbrokes promo code.

World in Motion – England 1990 Squad and New Order

For many football fans this is the definitive football song. Released in time for the 1990 World Cup in Italy, this was a huge success thanks to its upbeat melody, decent lyrics and sing-along chorus.

Yet, it is the stunning solo rap by John Barnes that really makes this New Order song stick in the memory after so long. It was re-released for the 2002 World Cup.

Three Lions – Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds

It was 1996 and the English public genuinely felt that the European Championship being played on home soil was going to end the “30 years of hurt”. The teaming up of comedians Baddiel and Skinner with The Lightning Seeds turned out to be inspired.

The team might have failed to do the business out on the pitch but this uplifting song gave us all an anthem to sing along to, when all you dream of is win the bets you placed with a Netbet bonus code. It is a testament to its freshness and originality that it gets an airing every time that we start dreaming of victory at another big tournament.

Vindaloo – Fat Les

On paper, this bizarre song written for the 1998 World Cup in France looked like it would be an absolute mess. Yet, Keith Allen, Damien Hirst and Alex James managed to turn a song about curry into an inspiring football anthem.

The video was a strange parody of the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony but the whole thing came together for some reason and made its way into the nation’s heart. The same people brought out Jerusalem a couple of years later for Euro 2000 as well.

Back Home – The England 1970 World Cup Squad

Back in the old days, football songs recorded for major tournaments tended to be dull and pretty lifeless. One interesting exception was Back Home, recorded by the squad that was heading to Mexico with the hope of retaining the trophy won 4 years earlier at Wembley.

The squad sang a decent tune with gusto. It was well received at the time and still sounds pretty good even now.

This Time (We’ll Get It Right) England 1982 World Cup Squad

Hopes were high that the 1982 World Cup squad was going to return home from sunny Spain with the famous trophy, after a 12 year absence from the World Cup. The tournament didn’t work out as expected but the song was pretty memorable.

See how many of the players in the squad you recognise as they sing about the hopes and dreams of the nation. Things started well with Bryan Robson scoring before many of us had even sat down, but it all petered out despite the promises of the song.