Best TV Sports Theme Tunes

There are few things that get us ready for some sporting action more than listening to one of the classic TV tunes that appear at the start of our favourite shows.

If you recognise the following pieces of music then they probably bring the images of racing cars, skiers and other sportspeople instantly to mind as soon as you listen to them.

Formula One

There are probably plenty of motor racing fans out there who have heard this song hundreds of times but have no idea who performed it. In fact, this thumping, exhilarating song is a rock classic called The Chain from Fleetwood Mac.

The throbbing bass solo followed by the guitar and other instruments kicking in makes it one of the most thrilling TV sports tunes and absolutely perfect for Formula One. Skip forward to about the 3 minute mark on the YouTube video if you want to hear the famous instrumental section but the rest is well worth listening to as well.

BBC Grandstand Theme

This classic TV tune played a big part in getting viewers excited for an afternoon of top sporting action. It was composed in the 1970s by Keith Mansfield and became instantly recognisable to millions of Brits.

It has the right upbeat feel to get you in the mood for a lazy afternoon of sporting action in front of the TV.

BBC Match of the Day

Back in the days before football was shown on the small screen almost constantly this was the most eagerly anticipated tine of the week for fans. Barry Stoller created the music in 1970 and came up with a classic melody, which all football fans and betting experts using a Stan James promo code and others, must know.

The composer likened it to the feel of when a gladiator enters the arena. In 2010 it was voted as the UK’s most recognisable theme tune.

Ski Sunday

Sometimes confused with the similar music to the Horse of the Year show, this theme is called Pop Goes Bach and is credited to Sam Fonteyn. The descending notes fit in perfectly with the idea of skiers plunging down the slopes.

This theme has also been used by the BBC for their Winter Olympics shows on a few occasions.

ITV World of Sport

While of the most recognisable and well-loved TV sports themes in the UK are from the BBC, the World of Sport music is also burned into the memory of many viewers. It was composed by Australian Don Harper and was called The World of Sport March, although a later version was recorded by Jeff Wayne.

This tune instantly brings to mind Saturday afternoons filled with hours of Dickie Davies, wrestling, snooker and show jumping.

Pot Black Snooker

The choice of ragtime piano for the Pot Black theme was inspired. The song that is so familiar to generations of snooker fans is called Black and White Rag and was written by George Botsford way back in 1908.

You might also recognize the guitar-led Dragster tune from coverage of the World Championships and other major tournaments.