Gambling Movie Soundtracks

We all love a good gambling movie and there is no doubt that the use of a powerful soundtrack helps these films to create a more atmospheric setting.

It is common for gambling movies to use a smoky, jazzy soundtrack to portray the mood of a tense poker game or casino setting. However, some of the best gambling movies of all time have also tried out other genres to get the mood just right. If you like to bet,don’t forget to use a ladbrokes promo code.



Matt Damon and Edward Norton brought to life this story of gamblers who go from city to city trying to win enough money to pay off a huge debt. The film is a cult classic and is described by some as the best poker movie ever made.

The Rounders soundtrack has a nice mixture of songs on it, composed by Christopher Young. The main theme is gentle and brooding, which fits the movie nicely without overshadowing the action on the screen.



This light-hearted Western comedy features Mel Gibson as a card player and con artist about to play in a high-stakes game of poker. It has turned out to be a popular film due the charming acting and the gentle humour in it.

As for the music on Maverick, it features some terrific country songs with Renegades, Rebels and Rogues, A Good Run of Bad Luck and Something Already Gone the pick of the bunch. These songs all made an impact on the charts and play a big part in building up the atmosphere.

The Hustler

Regarded as one of the best gambling movies of all times, this 1961 film follows pool hustler Fast Eddie as he looks for a game against the famous Minnesota Fats. Paul Newman was brilliant in the role of Fast Eddie and the story was riveting from start to finish.

The soundtrack to The Hustler features cool, jazzy tunes by Kenyon Hopkins. You will possibly recognise one or two of the tracks, since this is such an iconic movie that most of us have seen at some point.

The Cincinnati Kid

Based on the story of Eric The Kid Stoner, this movie is about a poker player who wants to be seen as the best in the business. Steven McQueen is in the title role in an exciting movie that culminates in a final hand of poker played for high stakes.

Lalo Schifrin composed most of the songs for the soundtrack, with Ray Charles popping up near the end to sing The Cincinnati Kid. If you’ve never heard it before then it is well worth checking out this soundtrack.

The Gambler

This 2014 movie is a crime drama in which Mark Walhberg plays a literature professor who loves to gamble. He has 7 days to pay off his debt and is forced into high risk wagers to try and do this.

In this movie, the soundtrack is an interesting mixture of artists and genres. Pulp, Billy Bragg and Dinah Washington are among the stars who pop up on it. This gives it a very varied feel that matches the movie’s different settings and changing moods.