How Much Technology Affects the Way We Consume Music?

Technology has changed a lot the way that people enjoy their favorite things. We are not buying music records anymore, we rarely attend sports events and, indeed, nobody even wants to leave the house for anything they can otherwise get by their smartphone. 

The Internet makes things more accessible. For example, we have the best live streaming for sports events with services like YouTube or Hulu. We can access the enormous music library for free by using the latest Android apps. Why even go to a casino when you can reach gambling sites like Golden Nuggets from the comfort of your home and get some fantastic deals like Golden Nugget Bonus Code to access the welcome greeting worth 1000$? With all mentioned above, it seems like the Internet is playing for our team. 

However, one thing in particular has changed since we indulged in technology, and that is the way we enjoy music. Likewise, the music itself has changed as technology has evolved.

The Deep Impact of Technology on Music

Music is evolving together with technology. For the last half of a century, we have witnessed how tech trends could move music towards new directions by introducing a unique sound, a different way to produce and record music, as well as more quality sound reproduction. 

But even though technology can bring the quality of music to the unimaginable levels, many people believe that it just brings a greater desire for profit to the music industry and less creativity and real art making.

Consuming Music, Then & Now

Not only is the quality of music influenced by new technologies, but also the way we consume it. Do you remember the time when we attended concerts more often or made a CD collection of all Pearl Jam’s albums?

It seems that music was more material, touchable, and valuable possession. People knew to appreciate the moment when they would hear a favorite song on the radio, and quality, original sound carriers were the things we can rarely afford to buy.

Today, it is possible to find almost any song on the web, even the one whose name or tune you couldn’t remember. 

YouTube is the largest database of music videos, while Spotify is the best streaming service where you will find tracks you could never hear otherwise. Apps like Shazam can recognize the tune after only two seconds of reproduction and tell you the name of the artist, song and the publishing year.

And the greatest thing of them all — most of these online services are free.

Technology and Musicians

The success of an artist used to depend on the number of records they could sell or the size of the audience at concerts. Every musician wanted a good spot on the Billboard chart, contracts with renowned record companies, and, of course, multi-million dollar deals.  

Today, the climate in the entire music industry is changing. At first, there was a large portion of skepticism about piracy and stealing legal rights, but today, everyone is streaming music online. And the army of Internet users is choosing their favorite song and listing the ones that should go to the “B side.” 

How far technology will change the music industry and the way we enjoy music is uncertain. What we know is that some things will always remain a good reminiscence.