How Music Affects Gambling

It is by no means a new idea that music can affect our emotions and actions. It is no wonder that music can be heard everywhere, from shopping malls and restaurants to elevators. Of course, in each environment, the music that is played is carefully selected to best improve the mood of the visitors. The people in charge can use this to their advantage, and create an atmosphere that could make the visitors stay longer, buy more things, or even eat more food. It should come as no surprise, then, that casinos can also vary their choice of music to affect the gambling of their customers. However, for those who are not up for visiting regular casinos, online ones, like Energy Casino promo code, offer a variety of games and bonuses for their players.

How is this done?

The main goal that background music in casinos has to fulfill is to ensure that the visitors stay longer; it has to create a pleasant atmosphere and make the players feel relaxed, without thinking about going home. This will invariably mean that the players will gamble longer, and ultimately spend greater amounts of money there. This clearly looks like a recipe for success, there is no doubt about that. But does all music produce the same result? What if some characteristics vary?

What does different music do?

According to some research, different aspects of music affect the human brain differently. For example, the genre and the loudness are usually adapted to the predominant age of the visitors –younger players may be played rock a little bit louder, and a predominantly older crowd will usually feel more comfortable with some mellow jazz. The more comfortable a person feels, the more likely he/she is to spend more money at the casino. However, the aspect that affects the players’ performance the most is probably the tempo of the music. Songs that are faster-paced will usually make the reflexes of the players quicker, and make them more impulsive, but things are not as simple as that. Even though the players will be quicker in placing their bets, the time that the spend in the casino will be significantly shorter. When exposed to slower music, the players will not be as confident with their playing, but they will remain at the casino for a longer period of time.

What can we do about it?

Nothing. It is just the way that our brain responds to external stimuli. As we have seen, things aren’t even remotely simple –the mechanism that the casino owners an managers use to motivate their players to gamble is very complicated and very sophisticated. Its existence should not discourage you from paying your usual visits to your favorite casino, but rather, when you hear any ambient music, stop for a moment and marvel at the effect it can have on our mood and emotions.