The Best Horse Music

Equestrian events are frequently accompanied by musical arrangement to add that extra oomph to dressage routines, horse racing, show jumping, and more. But there is more to horse music than you might think!

Do horses enjoy music?

Studies have shown that horses react positively to listening to music. However, we aren’t suggesting you play just anything for your equine companion!

Horses enjoy listening to music with rhythmic patterns, succinct melodies, and that are played at a low volume. Style doesn’t matter as much as the volume and frequency in which the music is played.

Music is of course the perfect accompaniment to equestrian sports. However, it’s also suggested that you play music for them even when they are in their stables, as it will cover up any unpleasant outside sounds. This replaces what could be negative noises, with positive ones.

How does sound affect horses?

Any horse owner will tell you that sounds are integral to the raising and training of their horse. Whistles and other commands are used to instill positive behaviours and to promote bonding between horse and owner. Music, meanwhile, can be used to set the tempo during running, trotting, and running.

Horses respond particularly well to sounds and music because their frequency hearing range is closely related to that of human’s. So, if you plan on betting on grand national, bet on the musical horse!

That said, not all sounds have a positive affect on horses. They can feel stressed and agitated by bad sounds such as thunderstorms or other loud or shrill noises.

Exposure to these stressful sounds creates a negative environment for your horse. As such, you should minimize their exposure to such noises, and promote balance and positivity through soft sounds and music.


Different Horse Music for Different Situations

As mentioned above, music shouldn’t be limited to when your horse is performing. You can play music for them in a wide variety of situations.

In the stables  – Hook up some speakers in your horse’s stables. As this is likely a quieter environment, the music doesn’t need to be played loudly either. You can play it at a low volume and your horse will still experience and enjoy it.

During riding – Music makes riding more entertaining for both you and your horse. Depending on what you are doing, you can have music playing with different melodies, tempos, and beats. Be careful not to play the music too loudly.

During grooming – Playing some low music while grooming your horse will help to relax it and improve the overall enjoyment of being groomed.

During transport – If you are transporting your horse for a show, event, vet visit, or what have you, it is encouraged to play music for them while they are in their trailer. This will distract them from the unpleasant sounds and vibrations that come from being on the road.

During the Grand National – The Grand National is a big event that’s sure to cause a raucous among horse racing fans. If you are at the event, or holding a party for watching or betting on Grand national, play some music in your horse’s stables to distract them from the potentially loud and stressful noises.