The best songs to get a stadium hyped!

You want to get your fans pumped up and singing along, so you need a stadium anthem. These songs are classics for good reason: they’re about football, winning and being a fan. They make everyone feel like they’re in on the party!

“Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

The song has become synonymous with soccer crowds around the world because of its catchy hook that sounds like an army chant: “Seven Nation Army.” It was first used as part of an energy-raising chant by Sunderland fans in 2003 and quickly became popular among other Premier League teams as well. And for fans of the PL, we suggest checking out the Best Bookmakers in the UK. Since then it’s been used as an anthem at many football games around the world (including World Cup matches), making it one of the most recognizable stadium songs ever recorded!

Survivor- “Eye of the Tiger”

“Eye of the Tiger” is a classic stadium anthem. This song was used in Rocky III and is associated with a fighting spirit, which is perfect to get the crowd going. The song was released in 1982 and became a big hit. This track will get you pumped up no matter where you are!

Metallica-“Enter Sandman”

“Enter Sandman” is, without a doubt, the best song to get any stadium hyped up. It clocks in at just under three minutes and focuses on just one subject: metal.

The song is such a classic that it’s pretty much unrivaled. The lyrics talk about how awesome it would be if everyone were actually listening to Metallica instead of whatever lame music they’re hearing right now! If you want to see some jumping and headbanging in the stands, trust us and play this bad boy.

Guns N Roses- “Welcome to the Jungle”

This song is superb for getting a stadium hyped. It has a strong opening, and builds to a crescendo. It’s about partying, fighting and war. It’s the perfect choice for a team that wants to get the crowd excited. It has an opening that builds in intensity, which makes it feel like the band is about to burst out of the speakers and enter your body. And wouldn’t you know it? The song does just that! After this buildup, Axl Rose screams “Welcome to the jungle!”, launching into a full-on rock anthem. There’s no better way to start off a game than by sending your players out onto their field with some energy and excitement – so put on this track before kickoff and watch them go!

Queen- “We Will Rock You”

This song is an absolute classic, and it’s the perfect anthem to whip your crowd into a frenzy. It’s got everything you need: crowd participation, singing along, and lots of stomping and clapping! Also, “We Are The Champions” by Queen deserves an honorable mention, as it’s most commonly played when the trophy gets awarded.

Gala – Freed from desire

What better song to get a stadium hyped than the unofficial anthem of Eurodance? This song is not only the quintessential Eurodance track, but also serves as an example of Gala’s genre-defining sound. The chorus, which features an infectious hook (Nanananana nana nanana nanana), will have you singing along in no time!