Why Is Music in Video Games so Important?

When someone mentions your favorite movie or series, the first thing that comes to your mind must be the main theme. It is a recognizable melody that can put you back into the time and ambiance where the story takes place.

The same is with video games. Many timeless classics like Tetris or Super Mario Bros have those catchy songs that are easy to remember. However, video games have evolved with time and reached such incredible levels in quality of graphics, resolution, and storyline that it is sometimes impossible to tell if it is a high-tech animation, video game, or blockbuster movie. Such superb games also require the best possible soundtracks.

The Essential Part of the Experience

The track follows the storyline and can significantly enhance the experience of players. Unlike movies, we control situations in games by ourselves. Still, games carry the same uncertainty and excitement for players as unpredictable movie actions. Sound effects, especially in genres like horror or action, can accelerate the adrenaline rush and excitement, and make the game a more dramatic and even a real-world scenario.

Atmospheric Soundtracks

For real players, there’s no such a thrill as playing the famous Doom whose theme “Rip and Tear” even won the Best Soundtrack Award. Moreover, a lot of first-person-shooter, horror, and action game designers are making soundtracks with tunes that should intensify the action. By using different sounds from creepy to relaxing, game makers create a realistic world where you can truly lose yourself for a moment.

Music in Sports Video Games

Besides fantasy games, millions of players around the world play sports video games, from car racing simulation to FIFA spectacles. 

For example, one of the best franchises ever, Grand Theft Auto has the option where players can switch radio stations and listen to different tunes while driving. While picking athletes and other options in the FIFA menu, a player can hear the original playlist and some of the most popular musicians or bands, like Avici or Black Keys. 

Moreover, in many cases, some great video game soundtracks become the number one hits in the world.

Music in Future Games

As games attract more and more players and fans every day, it is clear that they will advance in the future. Perfect graphics, exciting adventures, and real-life scenarios — everything will look even better and more realistic, and it must be followed by perfect sound, too.

Game makers, but also people from the music industry, understand how important it is to give one game a real vibe and awaken real emotions among players. A catchy tune is enough to make both the musician and the game famous for all times.